Crochet Chain Twisting - How to Half Twist and Single Crochet Into It

Problems Twisting the Crochet Chain and Single Crocheting into the Mobius Chain

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Customers in the past have mentioned that they had problems twisting the chain. Sometimes it appears twisted, and gets a little wonky after chaining. There’s a solution. Look at the top, front, and side. Look at the bumps that happen when the chain grows longer. Yarn over. To get around this, ‌follow this example. Keep your eyes on your crochet hook.

You are ready to join and twist. Slowly move your eyes. DO NOT lose your place. Turn with your left hand. Keep all the V’s facing up. Today, prepare to half twist or turn the left end of the chain at 180 degrees towards you.

My right hand does not move. Only with my left hand do I turn the chain 180 degrees towards me. The back has a bump. They are upside down. I’m leaving the tail loose because more yarn allows. Remember, I did not twist my right side, only my left inside here. On both sides, look at the tail and pull. On the right-hand side is the top of the V’s. The left-hand side has the bumps on the back of the V’s. With your crochet hook, yarn over, pull through the two loops, and chain one. Don't worry, this Mobius chain is simpler than it looks.

My chain is half twisted. Here’s my tail. I’m moving it away. Remember the Mobius begins from the half-twist, see the V’s of the top part of the chain. Now I half turn or 180 degrees turn to the back where the bump side is. Notice there are 3 horizontal loop elements: top, middle, and bottom.

Pay close attention to this or else the project will not go as instructed or desired! Insert your crochet hook in the top single crochet loop. Yarn over, pull through both loops.

Repeat around in a circular flow or a spiral. Remember, it is important to do it this way. That’s the beauty of the Mobius twist.

Your tail will be your guide. See how it looks so far. Work towards the middle of the chain.

The work so far is single crochet. Making a traditional infinity scarf involves working the flat back and forth. In the end, you then twist it. In this case, chain it in the beginning, thus eliminating extra steps. The ‌result is seamless.

I’m now halfway through the work. This part is flat and it twists. See how it twisted and see how the tail faces towards me. Now, it does not have to be specific in which direction the tail faces. For example, you are at the beginning of the round. The direction of the tail will face towards you. When you are halfway into the middle, the tail will face away from you and vice versa.

Here is the middle of the tail. Remember, I twisted it towards me with my left hand where I started.

I’d like to get every single chain and here’s this little bitty chain. I’ll get that one too.

And here’s the chain, where it all began. Single crochet one and the next one.

There’s my chain. Now I’ll skip this one. The one where the tail pulls, move along to the next one. And now remember that I mentioned that crochet in the bottom. See, this is where the bottom now becomes the top. I also forgot to emphasize that I chained 53 loops.

This one-half twist doubles the chain sides. I’m crocheting on the top side and now on the bottom side. The half twist becomes 106 chains. There are now 2 variables instead of 1. That is a mathematical term. That said, I don’t have to work too many rounds.

The top becomes the bottom, and then the bottom becomes the top.

So this may take a little practice, but you will get it. So instead of doing all that back and forth, it is one less step. It is so easy and seamless. And when you are working, the tail will be in the middle and it will also be your guide.

See where I did so far, here’s the tail.

Whatever you do on the top, it is also going to happen on the bottom and vice versa by the time you complete the round.

Here’s how it looks so far.

Crochet the rest of the way. Remember, as you move along with your left hand, guide it towards you. There’s no need to chain one for the next round. Work in a spiral motion.

I’m now close to the end of the round and my tail is on the backside. When beginning the next round, it is sometimes tricky to insert the crochet hook in the first 2 loops. An easier way is to insert it into the back loop. Now stop and look at your work.

There’s a twist right here. It has a twisted appearance, and it is that half twist that makes the work all look so easy to do. So there you have it. Make sure it is a half twist, not a full twist: 180 degrees, not 360. When finished, you are free to design whatever you like. And it is that much easier.