What is a Mobius Strip Crochet Difference?

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What is a Mobius Strip Crochet? Differences Between A Standard and Mobius Tube

Standard tubular crochet uses a single extended front post crochet stitch. Crochet stitches lie up and down. The tail on the bottom remains stationary. Constructing appears to grow from the bottom to the top. This works like a tunnel or an angular tubular knit. Stitches work up in one direction.

The Mobius twist is my favorite technique. Simple and round designs do not measure up. Magic happens.

Visit my Etsy pattern at the bottom of this article. Click on my Ombretta hat pattern below and my related article, "The Crochet Chain - How to Half Twist a Basic Crochet Chain Stitch and Single Crochet into it Altogether by strawberrycouture". It gives a clear definition of half twisting and what it does. The inside Mobius tube lies on the same plane inside-out and outside-out. I used the same single extended crochet stitch. The tail rests in the middle of the work.

My famous twisted hat uses the same Mobius tube technique. The diagonal brim travels from the outside to the inside. An embellishment of flowers decorates the twist. Everything bases itself on that seamless Mobius twisted tube.

How to create a Mobius strip with a strip of paper

Make a Möbius strip by taking a strip of paper and giving one end a half-twist, then joining the ends to form a loop. Its boundary is a simple closed curve. Trace it by a single unknotted string.


For example, by introducing two full turns of twist into the Möbius strip, cut along the middle of the strip surface. We can achieve the knot topology.


Edward English Jr., a middle school math teacher, and a former optical engineer says that when he first learned about the Möbius strip in grade school, his teacher had him create one with paper, cutting the Möbius strip along its length, which created a long strip with two full twists.