Crochet Designs - Accidentally Twisting the Starting Crochet Chain

I do now see that accidentally twisting the starting chain was such a problem for me when I was young & that if I'd had just carried on I might have ended up with a cool mobile strip way back then

That is what my customer said. Crocheting a twisted chain is a hassle and considered something to avoid. Not in this case. Twisting your crochet chain is welcomed and encouraged.

Hold Your Chain and Half Twist

Hold your chain with both hands. Notice the top or front of the chain has V shapes following one another. Your crochet hook is in your right hand unless you are left-handed. One-half twist turning at 180 degrees with my left hand towards your body. Do not twist the chain with your right hand, only with your left hand. You can now see the back side with bumps. Click the 8 seconds video clip Twisting the Starting Crochet Chain.

A 2D object traversing once around the Möbius strip returns in mirrored form

The Mobius Twist

In case you would like to know, what is the purpose of half twisting the crochet chain? First of all, this technique takes the shape of the Mobius Strip. It is a mathematics term. In mathematics, a Möbius strip, Möbius band, or Möbius loop[a] is a surface that can be formed by attaching the ends of a strip of paper together with a half-twist (Watch the Video Below). As an abstract topological space, the Möbius strip can be embedded into three-dimensional Euclidean space in many different ways: a clockwise half-twist is different from a counterclockwise half-twist, and it can also be embedded with odd numbers of twists greater than one, or with a knotted centerline.

Watch the video How to Make a Mobius Strip

Logos and Shapes Using the Mobius Strip Model

A Half Twist Must Have Its Joined Ends

Rearrange the Left End Chain to Join the 2 Ends Together

The Mobius strip cannot exist without its complimentary joined ends. But first, we must join the 2 ends together. Before that happens, you can see that the back has a bump texture one after the other. Move the left chain upside-down to complete the purpose with your left hand. This join is crucial and It will form the shape of the entire twisted shape. Click and watch the 13 seconds video Rearranging the Left End Chain to Join the 2 Ends Together.

Yarn Over and Pull-Through the FInal 2 Loops on Your Crochet Hook

This will complete the process of the Mobius Strip Twist. Click and watch the 8 seconds video Yarn Over and Pull-Through the Final 2 Loops on Your Crochet Hook.

How to Half Twist Into a Hat Video

Purchase and Download PDF Patterns that Use the Half Twist Technique

Purchase and Download PDF Patterns that Use the Half Twist Technique 2

Purchase and Download PDF Patterns that Use the Half Twist Technique 3