I explain and answer questions about the crochet techniques I use in my crochet hat patterns for my Etsy shop strawberrycouture

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Crochet Half Twist Chain

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The Mobius

  1. What is a Mobius Strip Crochet Difference?

  2. Crochet Projects - How to Prepare Your Mobius Style Hat for a Crochet Edge

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Magic Circle Crochet

  1. How to Increase Crochet Stitches in the Round in a Magic Circle - 2 Ways

  2. 2 Ways How to Single Crochet a Magic Circle

  3. How to Crochet the Second Round After the Magic Circle Fast!

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Crochet Stitches

  1. How To Double Crochet a Shell Stitch Around a Vertical Front Post - How To Stabilize It With a Single Crochet

  2. How to Increase Stitches in Crochet



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My name is Lenore Berry-Zaragosa, aka StrawberryCouture. I am a 51-year-old blogger who talks about stitching and everything about crocheting and the stitches I use for my patterns. I've been selling on Etsy since 2006.

This website explains the crocheting techniques I used on Etsy. I've sold there since 2006. I hand-crocheted physical hats and wrote about my PDF patterns. Starting in 2020 and present, I blog full-time about my techniques and sell my patterns. It's nice to focus on the things I love to do.



Email: strawberrycouture@crochetplay.com